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Image Preview Product

Nirvana Yoga Mat - Multiverse Mat

IDR 1.399.300


IDR 1.999.000

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Image Multiverse


IDR 1.999.000


Berat : 

2.5 kg


Our new Nirvana Multiverse mat is made by special tropical eco natural rubber and printed with durable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly ink. This new edition of yoga mat designed as powerful as its same line of yoga mat in assisting yoga practice.

* Super grip

* Wider & longer size

* 100% eco-friendly & non-toxic

* Anti-bacteria

* Durable & flexible

* Superior quality

Helios - The Sun

The center of our Solar System and it’s majestic solar rays, represents power and energy.

Gaea - The Earth

The living space, represents strength and nurture.

Selene - The Moon

Three phases of Moon, represent life’s constant changes.

Antichthon - The Earth’s Twin

Inspired by the hypothetical second Earth, represents hope.


Inspired by Heliosphere, the Solar wind’s reachable region, represents blessing.

The Oort Cloud

The edge of the Solar system, represents time and space.

Materials : Tropical Eco Natural Rubber

Dimensions : 66cm x 185cm

Thickness : 5 mm

Weight : ± 2.5kg