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What is Cloud Hosting and Should You Use It?

So, you went on to find a good web hosting company and you’ve found some that offer cloud hosting services. You are pretty sure that the only hosting plans you are aware of are shared, VPS, and dedicated and you ask yourself what this new hosting plan is.

In this article, I will aim to explain to you what cloud hosting is actually and why you should definitely try and use it for your own website.

What is Cloud Hosting?

I want you to go outside on a sunny day and look up. What do you see? Aside from the sun, you will also probably see some clouds. Now, clouds are ubiquitous and it can exist in any part of the world.

That is the idea behind cloud hosting. The ‘cloud’, in this context, is basically a string of different servers that are located all over the world that work under a single network. This basically makes sure that load balancing exists in all servers so that it can manage resources correctly and efficiently.

Why It Exists

A lot of people believe that dedicated hosting is the be-all, end-all of hosting plans and for quite some time, that is true. However, as more and more people go online wanting to create their own platforms, even dedicated hosting is not going to be enough. If anything, servers will get bombarded and it might not have enough resources to keep everything in working order.

That is why cloud hosting was created. By leveraging cloud computing technology, web hosting providers have come up with a way to string different servers together and put them inside a single network. These servers will then work in tandem to provide some much-needed services to the hosting companies’ customers.

Different Types

Just like regular web hosting plans, there are actually different types of cloud hosting plans out there. They are the Public, Private, and Hybrid clouds.

Public cloud is akin to shared hosting in that it is the most popular type of cloud hosting plan out there. Despite the fact that a lot of people are on this type of hosting plan, the interconnectedness of the servers means that load will be balanced in such a way that all of the websites get equal resources.

Private clouds are usually reserved for major corporations or large companies that have the resources to get this type of hosting plan. Think of this as a more powerful version of dedicated hosting, only that it has the advantages of cloud computing technology.

The hybrid cloud combines the features of both public and private clouds. For instance, users can be registered using the public cloud hosting plan but you are sometimes offered resources that only exist in the private cloud.

Which One to Choose?

Among the different types of cloud hosting plans, which one should you chose. Actually, the public cloud is already very competitive and affordable so it should be great for most users. Private cloud is the one I would recommend for large businesses and the hybrid cloud can be enjoyed by both the layman and huge companies.

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