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Top 3 Motorcycle Manufacturers

Anyone who loves bikes has probably pointed to their bike as their best mate, girlfriend, or vigorously defends it against hecklers who point out the bike’s ageing characteristics or bad construction. For a host of major motorcycle manufacturers, it was love like this that propelled these would-be flops from the garbage heap to the limelight and brought them back to life when the world figured it was all over. What is the world’s best motorcycle brand? Continue reading to find out. Motorcycles are important in today’s society. With more and more people purchasing these bikes and riding them, they are also important to people who are on the malaysia forex brokers list.


Owners of Harley-Davidson and BMW motorcycles were found to be the most pleased, according to consumer surveys. The most common brands are Honda and Yamaha. For Best Performance and Track Racing, Kawasaki and Yamaha were chosen. Best Chassis goes to Honda and Yamaha. Suzuki is the fastest and most affordable Japanese car. The right bike for you is determined by how you want to use it, your aesthetic preferences, and your riding experience.


  1. Yamaha


A startup based in Japan. Yamaha’s early popularity on two wheels can be traced back to their first motorcycle, the 125cc YA-1. A single-cylinder bike that took first, second, and third place in the All Japan Autobike Endurance Road Races when it was first introduced in 1955.


Yamaha has blazed a path both on and off the road since its inception, and is now the world’s second-best-selling motorcycle company.


  • Yamaha Exciter makes the cut for 40 Best and Worst Motorbikes in Vietnam. This 150cc powerhouse is extremely reliable and great for two people. 
  • Guinness Book OF World Records now has two added Yamaha entries. Celebrating 1-million Exciter sales in 2017, Yamaha in HCMC organized the largest human image of a motorcycle and the largest motorcycle logo. All done by participants in Yamaha Blue.


  1. Ducati


The Ducati bike, like so many else Italian, is known for its head-turning good looks, sleek movements, and high price tag. It wasn’t always like this; in 1935, Ducati began making radio components. The 48cc Cucciolo, the world’s first motorised bicycle, was eventually produced in 1950.


Ducati continues to manufacture motorcycles in Bologna, Italy. The ownership structure is a little more complicated, as they are owned by Audi, which is regulated by Volkswagen and has a Lamborghini motorcycle presence. They seem to have a lot of muscle behind them.


  • Vacuum tubes were how the Ducati family started their business. It wasn’t until 18-years later, in 1944, that the idea to sell engines came to life. 
  • A 48cc motorized bicycle was the fist Ducati machine on two wheels ever released. It was in 1950, and nearly 70-years later their line-up has certainly expanded. 
  • The current line up of motorcycles includes a broad range of options like; Scrambler, Monster, Diavel, Multistrada, Superbike, Supersport, and the Hypermotard


  1. Honda


Honda has risen to the top of the list of top 10 bike brands in the world, despite a failed piston ring market in postwar Japan. In Vietnam, where any type of motorcycle is commonly referred to as a Honda, Honda accounts for more than 70% of motorcycle sales. Honda has sold over 300,000,000 bikes worldwide since 1949.


Honda produces almost 2000 different bikes, ranging from the 1800cc Gold Wing’s sofa-on-wheels stylings to the top-selling CRF250L dual sport, all the way down to the Beat FC50, a 50cc scooter. Finally, the famous Honda Cub has dominated the list of Honda motorcycle sales and motorcycle sales worldwide.


  • Scooters are initially produced by Honda in 1954. The Juno K-type is the world’s first self-starting scooter and first scooter with turn signals. 
  • Production of motorcycles has reached 2.5-million in the two motorcycle factories in Vietnam.
  • Best motorcycle in the world in terms of sales is the Honda Cub that broke 100-million in sales from 1958-2017.
  • Best motorcycles of all time outselling every other brand. For more articles like this one, click here.

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