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How to Achieve a Low Maintenance Yet High Curb Appeal in Your Home: The Best Exterior Home Trends This 2020

Exterior colors and accents

More and more homes with pigmented, darker colors are standing out from the rest. If you want to achieve an awesome, relaxing vibe in your home, experiment with colors. Settle with blue and black doors, as well as iron and glass elements. You can also add personalized door knockers, house numbers and doormats. 2020 are all about exterior accents and colors!


Some people think that the simpler the design is, the less effort there is on the design process. Well, that is wrong. Oftentimes, achieving a minimalist look in a home requires the help of an interior design firm in Malaysia. These professionals can help you look for quality products, and durable materials like gravel, bamboo and limestone. For those who want to explore low-maintenance yet remarkable garden bed designs, try incorporating evergreen plants, rocks and pavers.

Mixing designs and styles

Plenty of homeowners are determined to give their properties hybrid appearances that incorporate chosen farmhouse designs, as well as industrial and midcentury modern vibes in their exterior home design. When it comes to this trend on mixing styles and designs, mixed-use siding is a top option.

Indoor-outdoor living

If you want to do a major home renovation project to expand your living space, invest in patios and decks to have a smooth flow from outdoor to indoor. Those screened porches with ceiling-to-floor sliding doors and windows are getting popular as well.

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