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Foods that Will Boost Testosterone

Your penis is so important because it is your reproductive organ. Not only that but the said organ is also used as a means to urinate and remove excess liquid from your body.

Of course, you always want to do things that will help improve your penis’ health. One way to ensure that it is healthy is to eat foods that will protect it from prostate cancer and a lot of other harmful agents.

Today, I am going to talk about some proven foods that will help boost your testosterone levels, help strengthen your penis to help fight against prostate cancer, and more.

Keep in mind that if you are unable to get the recommended doses of nutrients that your penis needs, you may have to stock up on some male supplements in Malaysia as well.


Prostate cancer is quite common but there are certain foods that you can eat in order to ensure that your penis is not going to be part of the demographic.

Apple peels contain a compound known as Ursolic acid. This active compound, according to multiple cell studies, has shown that it has a profound impact on quelling prostate cancer cells.

It does this by ‘starving’ the cells, making them benign. Apple peels are so effective that most doctors even recommend this to their patients.


If there is not enough blood flow to your penis, then you could be in serious trouble as that is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction.

That being said, you could add spinach to your diet as this vegetable contains loads of folate that is known to boost your blood flow.

Folic acid (when folate gets converted) plays a huge role in maintaining optimal penis health. Aside from folate, spinach also contains Magnesium which can also help improve overall blood flow.


Avocados are rich in nutrients that will help boost your sperm quality and it is also responsible for an increased in men’s testosterone levels.

That is due to their high Zinc and Vitamin E content which are agents that are known to help improve fertility and sex drive.

Aside from that, avocados are rich in fiber to keep your body healthy on the inside. It also has potassium which can also provide good health benefits to your penis as well.


Do you love spicy foods? Research has shown that the active compound in chilies, Capsaicin, can help improve bedroom performance thanks to its profound effect in helping you increase your testosterone levels.

Aside from that, Capsaicin is also known to help increase your libido by triggering the release of endorphins or what is known as the ‘feel-good’ hormones.


Oats contain a lot of nutrients that can help improve your overall health. But men, in particular, can eat oats as a means to help keep erectile dysfunction at bay.

You see, oats are rich in L-arginine which is known to help treat erectile dysfunction by relaxing your body’s blood vessels, allowing better blood flow to your penis.

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